JDEC ToolBank Cincinnati

ToolBank Cincinnati Provides Tools for First Cohort

To provide the best opportunity for students, the Judge Dinkins Educational Center is using the PACT curriculum provided by the Home Builders Institute. There were many reasons for choosing the HBI’s high school curriculum. The primary being the tactile nature of the PACT lesson plans. Students will have the opportunity to learn with their hands. In order to accommodate the students for these lesson plans, the JDEC needs to provide a set of tools for each individual. Financially, this could be an overwhelming expense. Thankfully, ToolBank Cincinnati has agreed to lease seven sets of PACT required tools to the JDEC.

Toolbank Cincinnati is a member of Toolbank USA. Their mission is to loan tools, at a fraction of the cost, to individuals and organizations serving or volunteering in the community. Toolbank Cincinnati has agreed to a long term lease with the JDEC, allowing the students to utilize the tools throughout the summer. As a part of the safety training, students will participate in OSHA10 safety course.