Donors Allow the JDEC to Construct Hope and Opportunity

The JDEC is overwhelmed with gratitude as we prepare to open our doors on June 10. There are several recent donors whose generosity is helping secure the long term success of the program. The students being served need an array of services, including short term and long term support. Donations help secure curricular needs such as tools and computers. They also help offer soft skills like financial literacy and anger management. The JDEC also offers mental health support with a licensed counselor. As important as programming, the JDEC will be offering support for the immediate needs of students. The program will be offering meals for students free of charge. While all these expenses and comprehensive services come at a cost, they are still a fraction of processing and incarcerating an individual.

Below are the donors from the previous month who have been added to the list:

Wasco Construction (Construction Team)
Splawn Family Foundation (Developer’s Group)
Schooner Foundation (Judge’s Court)
Orion Construction/Brian Petty/Larkins Family (Judge’s Court)
The Cal Turner Family Foundation (Hope Circle)